Monday, June 4, 2012

What We're Eating 6/4/12-6/10/12

I don't know where in the world I've been for the past two months!  I've been planning, but not always following my plans, and really, I've been feeling a bit like it just doesn't really matter.  It's been beautiful outside and I've been leaning towards having dinner on the grill.  Plus, it's hard to sit down every few weeks and decide what I'm going to cook ahead of time and it doesn't help that I've been in a bit of a rut and not much has appealed to me.  Whine, whine, whine!  We've had hot dogs and watermelon for dinner more times that I'd like to admit over the past few weeks.  At least the boys have been pleased!

One beautiful day last week, while the boys were playing outside and Chris was doing yard work, I sat on the deck with my recipe binder and a giant stack of Taste of Home/Healthy Cooking magazines and pulled out every recipe that looked good at that moment.  I ended up with 28 recipes.  A few days later, I sat down and plugged all of those meals into a plan for the entire month of June.  I doubt I'll do that again, but at least June will be a little easier. ;)

L: Grilled Cheese, Veggie Sticks, Watermelon
D: Blueberry Orange Pancakes, Fruit Salad

L: Leftover Pancakes, Bacon, Fruit Salad
D: Slow Cooker Orange Chicken, Brown Rice, Carrots

L: Leftover Chicken
D: Egg Sandwiches, Watermelon (to go - Charlie has an end-of-the-year show for school)

L: PB&J, Cucumber Sticks, Cantaloupe
D: Linguine with Walnut Sage Pesto (using sage from my garden!)

L: Leftovers
D: Homemade Steak & Cheese Subs, Veggie Sticks (quick & easy after t-ball practice)

L: Hot Dogs, Macaroni & Cheese, Watermelon
D: Basil-Orange Chicken (using basil from my garden!), Couscous, Sugar Snap Peas

L: Leftovers
D: Southwest Steak, Crispy Potato Cubes, Fiesta Corn

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