Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

I hate the heat! Give me a fall day where I can be comfortable in jeans and a cozy sweatshirt any day! I think I'd rather be cold than hot, because you can always put more clothes on!

We started the day out nice and early again - 6am. Got a load of laundry in, had breakfast and hopped in the shower before heading to Crystal's house for the morning. It was so hot out this morning, before 9am, that I was sweating as I was hanging the laundry. Blech!

Master Charles was quite a whine-bag today. Whined and cried throughout our shower and whined as soon as he woke from his nap this afternoon. Even cuddling on the couch with Tootsie Pops didn't really help cure his whine-itis. In between the whining, he was a little turd - taking toys from the other kids at Crystal's and just being a general 2-year-old. He did take a nap this afternoon - I think one of my favorite things to hear out of his mouth at certain times of the day is "I want to nap, Mi" as he did as I got him out of the car this afternoon. Isaac kinda napped at the same time as Charlie, but was up a bit, too, so he and I were able to play. I love that just talking to him will put a smile on his chubba face.

The best part of my day occurred when both boys were napping! I snuck out to the pool and swam by myself! The water was up to 76 degrees and felt wonderful! I took full advantage of being alone with no one to watch (I just had to listen to them on the monitor) and no one to kick me as I help him swim and got in a little pool workout. I did some walking laps around the circumference of the pool and some kicks holding on to the edge as well as a few laps across the pool. I miss swimming and it felt great to work my muscles in a way that differs from how they're worked while walking or using the elliptical.

Tonight's dinner was not on the menu. I knew Chris would be at a tool show all day and had therefore planned to eat leftovers, but I changed my mind and made a box of mac & cheese to share with Charlie. I will eat last night's leftovers for lunch tomorrow and plan to thoroughly enjoy it. We had Cranberry Bulgur Stuffed Peppers and they are amazing!

I ate almost non-stop at Crystal's house, but for the most part, it was healthy - carrots, bell peppers, cheese sticks, granola bar and some of Josh's pasta salad for lunch. After my little pool workout, I was so hungry, my stomach was on the verge of growling, so I had my new favorite snack: chocolate rice cakes with Greek yogurt and sliced strawberries. So good! I've even gotten Crystal and her Papa addicted.

Haddock is the plan for tomorrow. As for the rest of tonight, Chris plans to take over the television to watch the Celtics game (I'm very grateful he doesn't normally watch sports), so I'm going to head into our air conditioned bedroom and relax with a book and magazine.

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