Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where to Start?

Over the past few years, I have collected many, many recipes from various magazines (my magazine obsession will have to be the topic of another posting). As I find them, I rip the page out of the magazine and add it to my recipe binder (the binder contains recipes from and spawned off of the binder created Creative Cooking class in high school (10 years ago!) although I have since moved up to a much larger, pink binder). This collection has begun to get out of control and I'm struggling with deciding how to organize it.

A few years ago, I organized the binder into sections: Appetizers, Baked Goods, Chicken, Pasta, Veggie Dishes and a few more categories. I've been good about sticking to those categories, but I've added so many recipes since then and they're not all organized. I think what I want to do now is create 2 binders - one for Tried and True Recipes and the other for Recipes to Try. Part of what's overwhelming me here is that the current binder has both types of recipes all mixed together and there are just soooo many, that it's a daunting task.

I also decided when I took my 2 binders out today that this is definitely a nap-time project and it definitely will not be done in a day... maybe not even a week.

Another organization idea I'm having trouble with is exactly how to categorize certain recipes. Some recipes can fit into multiple categories... how do I determine which is the best?

I've also considered typing the recipes once I have them all organized, but that is a HUGE project. I think, however, that if I do decide to type, I will only type the Tried and True recipes, and somehow, I would like to include any photos contained in the original recipe's write-up. I have a scanner, so that's a possibility.

Not only do I have a collection of recipes from magazines, but a collection of actual cooking magazines, as well, and I can't bring myself to tear out the pages of the magazines. Maybe someday.... I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.

As for today... after attempting this project, things just went downhill from there. I seriously only looked at 3 or 4 recipes before I was overwhelmed.... We had plans for this morning, but they ended up being cancelled. I was fine with this - it was a playdate with my cousin and her kids, which I love, but her dad made a surprise visit and they weren't able to come over, so it was very understandable. To get out of the house, I strapped Charlie into the stroller, Isaac to my chest and Peanut to her leash and we headed out for a 45-minute walk. Chris and I had leftover stuffed peppers for lunch and shortly after that, Charlie went down for his nap. I sat outside for a bit and read until I, too, fell asleep and eventually moved inside to the couch. We ended up veering off the week's menu and ordered Chinese because I just didn't want to cook.

We are off to the camp tomorrow and I'm looking forward to getting away for a few days and having extra hands to help with the boys a bit more. It should be a beautiful weekend of sun and relaxation so by Tuesday, I hope to be back on track!

Off to bed for me.... hoping I can sleep as well as this one!

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  1. hey, I have a collection of recipes that look just like that only in a black binder...seems great minds really do think alike. So far all I can think to do is make a family cook book but the thought is as far as I've gotten. If you have Office 7 there's a One Note feature that I love and use to hold recipes as often as I can.

    Have fun at the camp and be safe.