Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Failure in the Kitchen

We had a busy, yet fun, weekend this past weekend! I already posted about the zoo, but on Sunday, we had Chris' Aunt Pam, Uncle John, cousin Josh, sister Jenn and Jenn's baby Asher (15 days younger than Isaac) over for a little cookout. It was very relaxing and the day was just beautiful!

I made Pineapple Chicken Kabobs and Macaroni Tomato Casserole as well as a Boston Creme Pie for dessert. Aunt Pam made her homemade Baked Beans, which were amazing, and Josh, who went to culinary school, made the first pasta salad I've ever actually liked! He made it with a Cranberry Almond Salad dressing and it was amazing! I also got a much-needed impromptu cutting lesson from him. We ate, we talked, we sat in the sun. Charlie found a new buddy in Josh and I'm curious to know if Josh was as tired out as Charlie was - passed out on the couch at 5pm for the night! (I did eventually move him into his bed.)

Yesterday was a pretty low-key lazy day. With all of the weekend events, I didn't get to plan out the week's menus or start my grocery list, so I ended up doing that Monday morning and shopping Monday afternoon. I HATE grocery shopping in the afternoon! I know this and yet I was still crazy enough to do it. I didn't even need anything for last night's dinner and I still went because I wanted to get it done. I really need to be better about the menu planning! I did get to take full advantage of the beautiful weather in terms of a big load of laundry though!

Chris pulled the solar cover off the pool this afternoon when he came home at lunch, so the boys and I had a nice little dip to cool off. Isaac didn't like it too much. Charlie, on the other hand, is my little fish!

Unfortunately, rather than tiring Charlie out and making nap time easier, it had the opposite effect! He did eventually take a nap, but it was quite a fight. Isaac went down a bit easier (he's going to be rolling over before I know it!).

Isaac slept through the night last night - about 11pm until about 6 (he started to stir around 5 so I grabbed him and put him in our bed so Charlie wouldn't wake up, but he didn't actually wake up to eat until 6) - so I actually got up with him for good at 6 and it was nice to start the day, especially since we actually had somewhere to be at an earlier time - we had our last storytime until fall this morning. I decided to get a loaf of bread started in the machine before we left so it would be ready when we arrived home. The cycle was done when I got home, but the dough was not dough. It was a sticky blob and I ended up tossing it. The second round didn't go much better though. The dough looked better but was horribly sticky when I was attempting to roll it out, even with a ton of additional flour. I put it in the pan to rise and when I took it out to cook it, it deflated! LOL I baked it anyway and it tastes good (nice and doughy - hehe), but it's nowhere near as pretty as my first loaf. I think I may try again tonight since I'm going to need bread to make it through the week. I'm wondering if the extreme heat was part of the issue - it was in the 90s today!

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  1. you killed the yeast! That means it touched the salt, mix the flour up more next time before you add the yeast.