Tuesday, June 8, 2010


One of the things I'm most looking forward to this summer is our garden.

I planted summer squash, zucchini, watermelon (small enough to grow on a trellis, which we have not put in yet), cukes, wax beans and green beans.

We also planted sugar snap peas, edamame (soy beans), tomatoes, broccoli, radishes, spinach, romaine, a pumpkin and just this past weekend, a row of red onions.

Charlie and I started almost everything in our garden from seed back in April. We got a huge bag of potting soil, our packets of seeds, some Sharpie markers and a bunch of Dixie cups and got planting! The only thing we didn't start inside was the radishes, but they grow so quickly, we didn't need to. I think I actually planted outside the first Monday in May. Chris had spent part of the weekend tilling the garden for me. Once it was done, Chris told me I was good to plant anytime. So, the next day, when the kids were napping, I snuck outside with the monitor and got planting. When Chris got home from work and I told him I got the garden in, he informed me that we were supposed to have a hard frost that night! Arg! Fortunately, he was able to cover it with a tarp and the plants made it.

This past weekend, Charlie, Chris and I shared the first sugar snap pea that was ready and it was delicious! We have also been able to test the first strawberries from our strawberry plants. Chris transplanted them from the lawn to the garden by the pool at the beginning of the summer and they are doing very well. We actually had to clean them up a bit this past weekend because they were getting out of control. The berries are super sweet and the seeds are so small they're unnoticeable, which I really like. Charlie surprised me by popping the one I gave him right into his mouth! He doesn't normally try foods so easily.

In addition to our veggie garden, we have been doing a lot of work on our perennial gardens and my herb garden. We have some absolutely beautiful clematis and some gorgeous fluffy peonies that are currently in bloom.

My herb garden is by far my favorite garden, although it's not quite as full as it was last year. My sage, oregano, echinacea (purple cone flower), chives, lavender and some scallions came back this year and I have more I'd like to add.

I started some basil, parsley and sage from seed indoors when I started the veggies and I have them in little pots over the kitchen sink. I can't use them yet, but they're looking pretty good. This past weekend, when we were filling some empty spots in the veggie garden (some of the cukes and watermelon didn't make it), I planted some herb seeds as well. I planted some more scallions as well as some basil, parsley and dill. My mom bought a bunch of herbs from my grandparents' garden store a few weeks ago and she ended up with an extra fennel that she passed along to me, so that's new in the garden this year. I'd like to go to my grandparents' at some point soon to see what else I'd like to add. I'd like to get some rosemary, thyme, mint (planted in containers so it doesn't take over), and maybe some different basils. My goal is to get there before the start of next week!

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  1. I'm jealous of the garden! Great job, very nice house too!!