Monday, June 28, 2010

Meal Plan 6/28-7/3

We had quite a large party this past weekend and have a bunch of leftovers from that so my meal planning didn't involve too much thought or shopping this week.

We leave for my family's camp way up north (4-hour drive) on Friday afternoon and we are responsible for Saturday night's meal over the campfire.

leftovers - hubby was (and is still) at a golf tournament so it was just me and my oldest for dinner tonight - I made a box of Pasta Roni Cheddar Macaroni since I knew he'd eat that and spiced mine up with some leftover BBQ chicken, some leftover salsa and a bit of extra cheddar cheese

Tacos! (We don't care for traditional taco seasoning packets, so I make my own taco filling. I brown the beef with some cumin and then add in some black beans, diced tomatoes and brown rice. I think I'm going to add some corn this time, too. And we've got some Romaine growing in the garden to use as a topping. Can't wait for this meal!)

Peppers Stuffed with Cranberry Bulgur (family favorite)


We will be up at the camp.... I'm kinda hoping to go to the Bull Moose Restaurant for dinner. Hubby and step dad talk about it all the time and I still haven't been.

Basil Orange Chicken
Whatever fresh veggies we pick up on the road

I never got to make these Homemade Chewy Granola Bars so maybe I will try this week....
We have a ton of food leftover from the party and we'll be heading out this weekend, so I won't make much extra. I'll be eating a lot of fruit salad for breakfast and snacks!

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  1. You may NOT go to the Bull Moose without your mother! Don't forget, you also have breakfast Saturday a.m. Baggie omelets?