Thursday, October 21, 2010

Potty-Training Update

Master Charles has been doing an AMAZING job with the potty-training and has not worn a diaper during the day for about three weeks now. He hasn't really had many pee accidents (He had one on the way to the camp, but it was really our fault not his - We forgot to have him go before we left and we drove up at bedtime. He fell asleep and peed (in Chris' truck - hahahaha). Ooops.) He's had one or two poo accidents but it was mostly because he was distracted (playing in the sandbox at camp).

My biggest worry had been leaving the house, but my girlfriend Jen gave me the wonderful idea of bringing the potty seat with us anytime we leave the house. (Thanks, Jen!) This had been a life-saver. Charlie goes potty before we leave, we pop the potty seat into a Market Basket bag and it goes right into my purse (luckily, I am currently using a large LL Bean bag as my "purse"). It's not the easiest thing to tote around and Chris was pretty embarrassed to carry it into Dunkin' Donuts the other day, but it's WORKING! Woohoo!

We brought the seat with us when we attended the Keene Pumpkin Festival this past weekend and used it in the porta-potties. We also used it (several times!) at Friendly's. Charlie kept telling us, "I have to poop. Really fast." So, we'd run to the bathroom only to have him pee. He did eventually go and announced to the restaurant when he and Chris returned to the table, "Mimi, I POOPED!" We got quite a few giggles and the woman sitting behind us gave Charlie a high-five. LOL

We learned this past Sunday while hiking Pack Monadnock that if Charlie is forced to pee outside, it's easiest if he kneels on the ground. This saves his pants from getting soaked and it saves us from having to make three to four trips to a tree for him to attempt to go. Stage fright? Cold?

I am also getting very familiar with bathrooms in all of our local stores. I've discovered that Charlie may not really have to pee when we get somewhere, but he likes to check out the bathrooms, so we often end up making a stop before we start shopping. I was happy to see that our local grocery store has redone their bathroom - I was dreading having to use it because it used to be DISGUSTING and I avoided it like the plague. Charlie also likes to tell me he has to go if we are anywhere near Grammy's house so that we have to stop and he is able to play. Clever boy!

We haven't started going diaper-less at night yet, but we have stopped allowing Charlie to bring water to bed with him. Baby steps! He's doing a great job!


  1. Sounds like you've got this potty training thing figured out! We're the opposite, diaper-less at home and not in public..he's simply too busy to care. Keep up the good work!!

  2. That's too funny about Charlie wanting to visit every bathroom! I always dreaded the bathroom there too...I'm glad to hear they updated it! Jack and I will have to check it out! :P