Monday, February 20, 2012

What We're Eating 2/20/12-2/26/12

When I planned this week's menu, I made sure to make it easy for a few reasons: I have several meals in the freezer than need to be eaten, I want to have an inexpensive grocery week and we'll be taking Isaac up to Dartmouth for an EEG on Wednesday morning. He had a 3rd seizure a few months ago and although we're 99% sure it's because of his breath holding spells, we decided that we want to get him checked out. The last seizure was a lot longer than the others and it scared me pretty badly. He went through so much in the first few weeks of his life during his battle with RSV and pneumonia, including a collapsed lung as the doctors tried to intubate him in the emergency room, that we sometimes worry that there could be some something wrong that we aren't aware of. I would rather find out now and do what can be done to fix it than have something happen later in his life and blame myself for not getting him checked.

Isaac has to stay awake two hours later than normal the night before the EEG and we need to wake him 2 hours earlier than normal that morning (so he's tired during the test and will hopefully fall asleep); I can't imagine trying to keep him awake on the 2-hour car ride, so we'll be spending the night near DHMC and Auntie George will spend the night with Charlie.

L: Leftover Sesame Chicken
D: Stuffed Shells (from freezer), rolls

L: PB&J, Chips, Apple Slices
D: Macaroni & Cheese for Charlie; Take-out for us - We'll be on our way to DHMC

L: Lunch at DHMC
D: Take-out - Not sure what time we'll be back from DHMC

L: PB&J, Grapes, Cheese
D: Hamburger Soup (from freezer)

L: Leftover Soup
D: Dinner at Sara's! Woohoo!

L: Leftover Soup
D: Homemade Pizza (dough in freezer)

L: Leftovers
D: Crockpot Chicken Parmesan, Green Beans

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  1. woohoo dinner at Sara's... can't wait! Hope your appt goes good with Isaac!! We'll be thinking of you!