Monday, July 5, 2010

Camp Cooking

We got home from the camp around 7pm tonight. Luckily, we were pretty organized in our packing so unpacking wasn't too bad. The best part was the laundry! I packed the boys' collapsible laundry bag and just put all of our the dirty clothes right in there. When I got home, I didn't have to worry about picking dirty clothes out of the clean clothes and just carried the laundry bag down to the basement. ;)

We had a nice, relaxing weekend with no cell phones, no regular phones and no Internet. We did have a TV, but only at the cabin we slept in (my mom was lovely and paid for us to have a cabin with electricity, running water and a toilet instead of dealing with the two boys in a tent) and we didn't spend much time there at all. The TV happened to be kinda nice, because it kept Charlie occupied for a bit while we showered and got ready to head down the road to the actual camp.

We were only responsible for one meal this weekend (BBQ chicken, couscous and grilled corn). Other family members took care of other meals, all mainly cooked over the campfire. Uncle Ron made some wonderful desserts (Heath Bar Cake and Raspberry Cobbler) and meals in the Dutch oven. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the recipes, but the meals were amazing! He cooked a great breakfast, Peachy French Toast, this morning and a great dinner, Skillet Pizza (which wasn't even really pizza) last night. Unfortunately, some of the camp meals were also quite greasy and sugar-loaded. Sugar I don't mind, but the grease didn't sit too well in my belly. I was looking forward to stopping at McDonald's for a salad on the ride home! LOL

I have not done a meal plan for this week yet, but I'm hoping to tomorrow. I am planning on cooking with what I have in the cabinets and freezers and GARDEN, so I probably won't do a big grocery shopping trip this week. We have a few zucchini ready to be picked and some wax beans, too. I'm looking forward to cooking those up this week!

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