Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meal Plan 1/31-2/6

I'm a little late, but didn't have a chance to post last night. The boys and I made a last-minute trip to Geeky's basketball game and didn't get home until around 9pm. Once they were in bed, I had cleaning up to do and didn't have a chance to post.

We don't have anything really exciting planned this week. Honestly, I'm just hoping to make it through the week and to the weekend. I'm not having the best week, but I'm looking forward to Saturday - we are going to be spending the weekend with my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and their boys to celebrate their boys' birthdays and their wedding anniversary. It'll be a day of sledding, ice skating and other outdoor activities and some hot tubbing and adult time once the kiddos are in bed. I cannot wait to spend a little time away from our house!

L: Leftovers
D: Turkey Sandwiches

L: English Muffin Pizzas
D: Tacos

L: Leftover Tacos
D: Pork Chops with Pears, Brown Rice, Roasted Green Beans

L: PB&J, Veggie Sticks with Hummus
D: Whole Wheat Rotini with Vodka Sauce, French Bread

L: Leftover Rotini
D: Spinach & Cheese Quiche

L: Lunch with Sister-in-Law & Brother-in-Law
D: Dinner with Sister-in-Law & Brother-in-Law

L: Leftover Quiche
D: Shepherd's Pie

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