Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I am on edge this morning. I'm very jittery. My heart and mind are racing but my body just can't keep up. I'm sure part of it is that I'm anxious about Isaac's doctor's appointment this morning, but I think the biggest thing is that I'm hungry. I need food!!!

I also need Master Charles, who woke up with way too much energy this morning, to back off a little. I've already yelled at him a few times to calm down and it's not even 8:30. That boy goes from 0 to 60 way too fast! The day started with him crawling in bed with me this morning. I was on my side and he somehow curled his little body up in the space above my legs. I opened my eyes to see his face an inch away from mine. Good morning, Charlie! LOL Later, he made me laugh as I was getting him breakfast when he said, "Can I call you Sweetheart?" Where does he come up with this stuff?

Luckily, the hunger is an easy fix! I'm still hooked on KERF's oatmeal. I eat it in some form almost every morning. Today I've got the normal oats, milk, water and banana with some strawberries stirred in at the end and topped with banana, coconut and pecans. Yum! This should keep my belly happy until lunch.

My jitters this morning are a good sign. It means that I woke up hungry which means that I didn't binge last night! Woohoo! I've been using different strategies to stop myself from mindlessly shoveling food into my mouth. Last night, I had a small helping of dessert right after dinner and brushed my teeth shortly after. I actually went to bed hungry last night and almost wished I hadn't brushed my teeth because I could have used a little post-workout snack.

We've got a busy morning of storytime and Isaac's doctor's appointment so we're off to finish getting ready. I'm very curious to see if my 15-month-old has hit 20 pounds yet. Any guesses as to his weight?

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