Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 2

We are on to Week 2 of eating healthy/working out and homeschooling Charlie.

I did very well last week with the eating and working out.... until Thursday. I HATE Thursdays. By Thursday, I am EXHAUSTED and just don't have much in me. I worked out Sunday to Wednesday but Thursday was a no-go. I have a few things in mind for this Thursday to see if I can improve it and I'll post on that after I see how they work.

Friday night was Girls' Night so I didn't get a workout in that day either. Today, we went to church for my nephew's baptism and my MIL, SIL and her family came over afterwards for homemade pizza and some time in the pool. We played pool volleyball for a good hour or so and had a blast. Once the kids were in bed, I headed back downstairs for a 40-minute elliptical workout.

Homeschooling Charlie was so much fun this first week! Our theme was cows so we colored quite a few cows, read a bunch of cow-themed books and sang "Old MacDonald" way too many times! He made an awesome cow out of construction paper squares and is becoming quite adept at reciting "Hey Diddle Diddle" with me. He loves projects and gluing squares together to make a cow was a perfect fit. We also studied the letter A and the number 1. This coming week's theme is the jungle and I'm looking forward to it!

We discovered on Friday night that Isaac will no longer take a bottle. I've tried before and he kinda looks at me like, "What are you thinking? The real stuff's right there!" Well, he refused for Chris, too. I fed him at 4:15 before leaving for Girls' Night. I didn't get home until 11:30 and Chris was only able to get maybe an ounce into Isaac. I've never heard him cry like he was when I got home. Poor thing! After I fed him, he did sleep through until 6am though. That was nice. I think next time we need to try a bottle, I'm going to try a sippie cup because he'll take water out of one of those. It's not too often we're apart, so luckily, it's not a huge issue. Although if we were apart more, he'd be used to it and it wouldn't be an issue!

My motivation this week will be the 3 pounds I lost last week and I'm looking forward to a good week!

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