Monday, September 27, 2010

Meal Plan 9/27-10/1

This week's meal planning was pretty easy as we missed Friday and Saturday's meals from last week's menu. We ended up going to the Big E all day Friday with Nana and on Saturday, I HAD A LAST-MINUTE DATE WITH MY HUBBY thanks to my wonderful mom, step-dad and sister! It was wonderful and much-needed.... I think it was our second time out alone since February. haha

The lunch planning worked well last week, so I will continue to include lunches in my menus. Most of the time we eat leftovers, but it helps me to have it written down.

Last week's meals were great, except for my crock pot failure on Thursday night. We were supposed to have Lemony Garlic Chicken Breasts. The chicken was horribly dry (Chris tried to improve it with BBQ sauce and it didn't help) and the spinach sauce was brown and did not look appetizing. Chris ate some of the angel hair that was leftover with Charlie's chicken nuggets and I pigged out on junk (cheese, chips, 5 (yes 5!) packs of fruit snacks....). Gotta love Thursdays! *sigh*

For this week, I have planned the following:

L: Leftover Pulled Pork Sandwiches
D: Asian Beef & Noodles (quick & easy family favorite)

L: Leftover Asian Beef & Noodles
D: Pork Chops with Cider Sauce, Ginger-and-Orange Sweet Potato Mash, Broccoli

L: PB&J, Chips, Grapes
D: Penne with Vodka Sauce & Pancetta

L: Leftover Penne
D: Pot Roast with Fall Veggies

L: Leftover Pot Roast
D: Lia Sophia party at my aunt's house; we are supposed to bring a pumpkin treat, so I am making Pumpkin-Maple Mousse Parfaits

For other meal planning ideas, hop on over and visit I'm an Organizing Junkie.

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  1. The masters and the princess are darling! I need to plan lunches...we rarely have leftovers (too many eaters!) and my children get tired of hearing "Umm...salad?" when asking about lunch.