Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Bloody Thursday

I've mentioned before my dislike of Thursdays.

Today, however, was different from the norm. Maybe it was only having to get up with Isaac once last night. Maybe it was looking forward to the playdate we had tentatively scheduled for this morning.

Whatever it was, I'm happy for it.

Although I did enjoy my day, nothing went as I had planned it. As I normally do before going to bed, I wrote out my to-do list for today. I also prepared the diaper bag, my purse and Isaac's carseat in hopes of being on time for our tentative (we weren't sure where we were going to go or if we would go anywhere depending on the weather) early morning playdate.

We were able to get ourselves ready for that playdate, but because it was a bit chilly this morning, we did not have it. (On a side note, I really need to learn to not say anything to Charlie until I am absolutely, positively sure things will go as planned. He doesn't throw a tantrum or anything, but his nonstop questions about what we supposed to be doing tend to be a bit much.)

Not having our playdate threw a little wrench into my plans as I had marked off the whole morning for that event. Instead of falling to pieces, as can be my typical reaction when things don't go as planned, especially on a Thursday, I decided to take care of my afternoon to-do's early as we had the possibility of rescheduling our playdate for the afternoon. So, I paid the bills while Isaac napped and Charlie played, I dusted the bedrooms while Charlie built towers nearby, and we did some schoolwork. We had a nice lunch of leftovers with Chris, Isaac went down for a nap and Charlie went into his room for quiet time.

Our playdate did not happen this afternoon, either, but has been rescheduled for next week when we'll have more time, and hopefully, better weather. And, because the majority of my to-do's were completed in the morning, I was left with some FREE TIME this afternoon. I promptly made myself a cup of tea, grabbed Jamie and Claire and plopped myself on the couch. Contentment!

Charlie didn't nap as I hoped he would, but he read books in his room for a bit and then sat and watched a movie. I lucked out and was able to sit with my book for a good 90 minutes! Isaac, thankfully, took a good, long nap, something that hasn't happened in the past week because of the cold we've both been suffering from. Peace!

After our relaxing time this afternoon, we all headed outside for a bit to enjoy the sunshine before the rain came. Isaac and I sat on a blanket while Charlie and Peanut played in the sandbox.

Chris called just as I was about to start dinner to say he was going to work late and that he would bring a pizza home. Once he arrived home, the four of us, with Peanut hovering nearby, sat on the living room floor and enjoyed pizza with Oreos and milk for dessert. It was a very informal, enjoyable family dinner. No cooking for me and I love it when everyone eats the same thing!

Not all of my afternoon to-do's were completed, the most important being working out. Chris didn't get home with dinner until 7 and the boys weren't in bed until 8; I won't work out after 8 or I won't fall asleep at night. But, I did post a few real estate listings on craigslist and here I am blogging! Tomorrow is a new day and I'll be sure to fit in my workout.

I'm learning to go with the flow and to be able to improvise. Today's good experience will make me more likely to do so again, and will hopefully reduce my distaste for Thursdays.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day. Those are the ones that make you feel like you could take on the world if every day went so well.

  2. I was worried the entire time I read this post because I kept thinking something 'bloody' was going to come up!

  3. LOL 'Laina! Too funny. I was using it with the British sense of the word... a play on the U2 song "Sunday Bloody Sunday." :) And Jaime, it WAS a great day! :)